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FIND – The Ultimate Mobile Field Integration Tool

It’s no secret that times have been tough for the oil and gas industry. Low oil and gas prices, limited pipeline capacity, and regulatory uncertainty …

Company News

A Measurement Revolution: Chart-Reading, Schematics, and Meter Calibration

Many oil and gas companies are facing challenges when it comes to innovation and adopting the latest technologies. In a world of artificial intelligence, computer …

Industry News

The National Energy Board projects more Canadian oil and gas production by 2040

The National Energy Board (NEB) published the latest Canada’s Energy Future 2018. In this annual publication, NEB forecasts that Canadian oil production will increase 58% by 2040 …

Case Studies

Atchafalaya Measurement Inc. Highly Recommends Peak AI Solutions’ InstantChart Chart Processing Software

Atchafalaya Measurement Inc. highly recommends Peak Al Solutions’ lnstantChartTM chart processing software. We have been using lnstantChartTM to process all our charts for the past …

Case Studies

Manage Non-Productive Assets and Exceed Compliance

In 2014, the company saved over $1,000,000 in taxes by downgrading or decommissioning pipelines   Pipeline data is shared across business units with Pipeline Integrity …


Cenozon’s Wildfire Manager Application

Helping you keep your company’s assets and employees safe during wildfire events Cenozon has developed a new web-based application designed to assist in monitoring wildfire …

Industry News

Pipeline Risk Due to Seasonal Flooding

By Rui Wang – President, Cenozon Every spring, the melting snow and ice causes serious flooding in Canadian water bodies. The rising waters sweep away …

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Regulations for Alternate Chart Reading Technology

By Rui Wang – President, Cenozon Alberta Energy Regulator’s (AER) Directive 17 specifies the measurement requirements for oil and gas operations. Meters measure the volumes …

Industry News

Image Processing & Computer Vision

By Rui Wang – President, Cenozon  We frequently hear buzz words like “image processing” and “computer vision” when describing technology. Let us investigate what they …

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