December 4, 2023

FIND+ vs. FINDpro: Transform Field Operations with Smart Asset Management

FIND+ vs. FINDpro: Transform Field Operations with Smart Asset Management

Looking for powerful access to vast databases and intuitive solutions to help you manage your assets and streamline your field operations? Cenozon’s offers two cutting-edge apps: FIND+ and FINDpro. Choosing between FIND+ and FINDpro ultimately depends on your specific needs and organizational requirements. This article offers a run-down of the differences between the two applications.



FIND+ is the newest addition to Cenozon’s robust suite of pipeline software solutions. FIND+ is the free version of FINDpro, one of Cenozon’s most popular and comprehensive offerings. 

Let’s dive into the features of FIND+.

It’s Completely Free To Use
  • Enjoy free, transparent, and real-time access to all AER regulated assets (with more features to come). 
Powerful Filtering, Searching & Mapping Functionalities
  • Locate specific assets effortlessly by searching its asset ID, township, legal divisions (LSD), and GPS coordinates.
  • All assets are visualized spatially on a GIS map, accompanied by a step-by-step GPS route guidance with your favourite maps app.
Available Anywhere – At the Office or On-The-Go
  • FIND+ has the power of a database, available as a web-app. Experience a fluid and responsive interface. 
The Best on the Market: Unlimited Access

FIND+ enhances efficiency, saves costs, and ensures impeccable compliance. It’s the best free app of its kind currently. We want to empower field operators, which is also why we’ve designed the app with no restrictions on the number of assets a user is able to access at any given time. 

We are constantly implementing user suggestions to enhance your experience (including a distance measuring and selection tool to name a few). In summary, FIND+ is the ideal solution if you’re looking for open access to real-time, industry data and basic functionality.

Learn more or try out FIND+ here. 



FINDpro: The Industry-Leading Solution

FIND Pro stands apart from FIND+ by offering a premium solution and comprehensive suite of features crucial for organizations that demand high operational efficiency in asset management. FINDpro introduces a fully-equipped offline mobile app experience, ideal for precise and organized asset management. FINDpro is essential for those seeking enhanced features for full control and access to critical data.



Key features of FINDpro include:

Customized Workflows
  • Offers real-time digital data access and sharing, allowing users to prioritize workflows for various facilities and equipment, customize inspection or activity types, and intuitively organize assets with color-coding.
  • You can even import your own data to tailor FINDpro to your needs.
    • Inspection Tracking: Tracks inspections for critical equipment, catering to both in-house teams and third-party service providers.
    • Configurable Forms: Offers flexibility through customizable forms and seamless integration with various systems for streamlined management.
    • User-Friendly Design: Features a frequency scheduler and color-coding system, enhancing usability even in complex operations.
    • Asset Inventory Mastery: Acts as a detailed guide for asset inventory, capable of linking, syncing, sharing, and verifying data across organizational systems or operating independently.
Advanced Editing and Offline Capabilities
  • Supports instant capture and storage of photos and field notes, functioning seamlessly offline with one-touch data sync capabilities.
Expanded Asset Database & Instant Access:
  • Goes beyond FIND+ by enabling visualization of a wider range of assets and personalizing interactions through imported data.
  • Provides direct and instant access to necessary data, eliminating extensive searches.

On top of this, Cenozon offers fast and dependable support for any questions about FINDpro or customizations.

Click here to learn more about FINDpro.

Here’s a chart to help summarize the differences between FIND+ and FINDpro.