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How Cenozon’s FIND Streamlines Vent Check Operations

  Leak detection is critical for any pipeline network, and vent checks are critical to detecting leaks within pipelines with expanded polyethene liners. Regular venting …


What Is Asset Integrity Management?

Asset Integrity Management (AIM) is the technique of managing an asset (such as a power plant, oil rig, or refinery) using sophisticated Pipeline Asset Management …


Understanding the basics of Data Pipeline

The Pipeline Data Automation is brimming with both old and developing terminology. The good news is that if you grasp the fundamental ideas, it is not complicated …


How IoT is Already Benefiting the Oil and Gas Industry

In the past, the oil and gas sector has been unwilling to adopt digital technology and data. However, as profit margins have shrunk, there has …


What Is a Cost Savings Pipeline Integrity Management System and How It Works?

Pipeline networks present you with a cost-effective and safe method to transport liquid and gaseous products over long distances. Companies use pipelines to transport natural …


How Does a Pipeline Cost Reduction Software Work?

Pipelines are crucial elements of the oil and gas industry. They are used to transport crude oil and gas to refineries, processed into petroleum products …


Features You’ll Need in Your Pipeline Integrity Risk Management Software

Pipeline integrity is a crucial aspect of the petroleum manufacturing industry. The pipelines bring crude oil and natural gas from the ground resources and allow …


How Cenozon’s FIND App Is Changing The Way Oil And Gas Companies Operate

Out in the field, mobile devices, tablets, and laptops help oil and gas workers quickly and effectively communicate with supervisors and respond to potentially serious incidents. …


Cenozon’s Data Enhancement

Even in today’s world of machine learning and predicative analytics, your results are only as good as your data. Cenozon’s PIRM automatically pulls data from …

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