Read all about the latest industry regulations, and how our oil and gas data management software helps you stay one step ahead of compliance and safety. This is where we also share news about software updates, our company and upcoming events near you.


HydroFlow: Step-By-Step Guide

Using Cenozon’s HydroFlow Application  Cenozon’s HydroFlow is an innovative application designed to monitor abnormal water flow events at pipeline water crossings. This user-friendly software provides …


WildFire: Step-by-Step Guide

How to Use Cenozon’s WildFire Application Wildfires pose a significant risk to oil and gas assets. With Cenozon’s WildFire application, you can stay steps ahead. …


Understanding SOC 2: Why It Matters and How to Achieve Compliance

In today’s digital landscape, cyber threats are lurking around every corner and data breaches make headlines faster than we can say “password123!”. For organizations striving …


Geohazard Management Mini-Series: HydroFlow

As we navigate the complexities of pipeline management, certain challenges demand innovative solutions. One such challenge is the impact of water flow on pipeline integrity. …


Geohazard Management Mini-Series: WildFire

As wildfires become more frequent and severe, protecting assets, teams, and communities requires innovative solutions. This is where Cenozon’s Wildfire Notification App steps in – …


Cenozon Inc. Now Available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Check out what we’ve been doing as a Microsoft Partner! Microsoft Azure customers worldwide now gain access to FINDpro to take advantage of the scalability, …


Meet Ken Courville: Cenozon’s U.S. Business Development Professional

We are thrilled to introduce Ken, whose extensive experience in the Oil & Gas industry promise to bring invaluable insights and innovation to our operations. …


Maximizing Value, Minimizing Waste with FIND+ and FINDpro

The Buffet Dilemma: Paying for More Than You Eat In an age where every penny counts and efficiency is more than a buzzword, it’s time …


Happy Holiday Wishes

As the holiday season approaches, we reflect on the year’s achievements with a sense of pride and gratitude. It’s been a remarkable year, marked by …

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