Cenozon FINDpro

Cenozon FINDpro

Cenozon's FINDpro empowers users to streamline their inspections and bring the office and field closer than ever before.


Intelligent Technology,
Built For The Field

Field operations have never been more efficient. No more filing paper reports, everything completed in the app is stored in a central, accessible database. Cenozon’s FINDpro allows real-time office access to field documents, photos, and reports. Prioritize your field schedule, view locations, and receive directions to assets on a GIS mapping service- all on your mobile device. With customizable activity forms, never miss another chance to save time, save money, and exceed compliance. Now the field and the office are closer than ever before.


With Cenozon’s FINDpro reports are added to a single data-base, in real-time.

  • Easily locate your assets and crossings + accurately record their GPS coordinates
  • Portability and convenience of capturing real-time data from the field
  • Improves accuracy, shortens inspection time and meets compliance requirements
  • Workflows for pigging, valves, water crossings, signage, well-site equipment and more
  • Easily access, share and verify data company-wide with little or no paperwork required

Cenozon’s FINDpro gives you the information you need, when you need it, to make informed decisions in the office, and in the field – all on your mobile device.

  • Built-in GIS and satellite mapping visualization + search by asset ID
  • Accessible online using data or wifi and one-touch data sync while offline
  • Capture and store photos and field notes
  • Multiple, customizable inspection types
  • Digital documentation and cloud storage



Our partnership approach ensures outstanding service at every step. From customized workflows and audit support to helping you get the most out of our oil and gas data management software, we help you extend control and cost savings across your operation.

Customize Your Software

Our software is designed with you in mind. At Cenozon we understand that all of our clients have their own unique needs. When you need a custom workflow, we're here to help.


Following initial setup and training for your measurement or pipeline integrity software, we bring you a host of support capabilities, including field reviews, audit support, change management and more.

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