January 1, 2024

Maximizing Value, Minimizing Waste with FIND+ and FINDpro

Maximizing Value, Minimizing Waste with FIND+ and FINDpro
The Buffet Dilemma: Paying for More Than You Eat

In an age where every penny counts and efficiency is more than a buzzword, it’s time to reconsider how we access and use industry data. Imagine paying for an entire buffet when you only want an appetizer. It feels wasteful, doesn’t it? This analogy rings particularly true in the world of digital mapping and access to asset data for the oil and gas industry, where organizations have traditionally paid hefty fees for comprehensive systems—only for most users to scrape just the surface of these powerful tools. This realization brings us to the core of our discussion: the need for tailored access to digital resources – a principle that FIND+ and FINDpro embody. 

Free Access to Essential Data & Basic Functionality: FIND+

For the majority of users whose needs consist of primarily visualizing, searching, and accessing (readily available) information – yet are paying a premium on a per-user basis, FIND+ is the perfect solution. It’s free, echoing Cenozon’s belief that essential data access shouldn’t come at a premium. The industry has already invested in creating this data; why should they pay again to access data already available in regulatory databases? It’s a one-size-fits-all solution where the size doesn’t fit most. FIND+ breaks this cycle, not only offering a seamless interface to visualize and locate assets, but also streamlined features such as specialized filters for an enhanced user experience.

FIND+ is currently available as a webapp. Learn more or try out FIND+ below. 


A Professional-Grade and Tailored Approach: FINDpro 

For the minority who need to manipulate, augment, and present data, FINDpro is the answer.

It’s a solution born from the real-world experiences of industry professionals who demand high operational efficiency and data-driven decisions in asset management. Take the personal experience of Mark Woynaroich who highlights the importance of technology like FINDpro, which connects both the office and the field.

As an operator, I’ve walked the pipelines, wrestled with paperwork, and navigated the complexities of inventory management. However, with FINDpro, I’m able to digitize forms with a simple tap, effortlessly conduct inspections, and have a real-time inventory map by my side. FINDpro was the missing link that would have made my journey smoother, ensuring every task was a step toward progress.

– Mark Woynaroich

FINDpro offers the robustness field operators need in its comprehensive suite of features. Available as a mobile app on the app store, users get:

  • Customized workflows for prioritizing and organizing assets and activities.
  • Inspection tracking for both in-house and third-party services.
  • Configurable forms that integrate with various systems for streamlined management.
  • User-friendly design featuring a frequency scheduler and color-coding system.
  • Advanced offline capabilities for field data capture.
  • Expanded asset database & instant access for a wider range of assets.
  • Dependable support from Cenozon for any queries or customizations.

Click here to learn more about FINDpro.


By choosing either FIND+ or FINDpro, organizations can ensure that they’re not only maximizing the utility of the data available to them but also paying only for what they truly need. It’s time to start spending smartly.