November 23, 2023

FINDPro: a fresh chapter for Cenozon’s FIND

FINDPro: a fresh chapter for Cenozon’s FIND

Cenozon is thrilled to announce a significant update in our digital oil field operations portfolio. FIND, our popular mobile application, has undergone a strategic rebranding, and is now FINDpro. For our loyal FIND users, this is a seamless transition to a new chapter where we are excited to bring even more enhancements to best serve you.

A Name Change & Continuous Innovation

We want to make clear that current FIND users will continue to enjoy all the powerful, robust features of FIND. There will be no impact to your operations and no extra cost. Continue using the app as usual, and optimize your oil field operations through advanced digitalization.

FINDpro is simply the rebranded name of the FIND app which holds Cenozon’s promise of continual innovation, control, cost-savings, and excellence in digital oil field technology to our clients. FIND will now be displayed as “Cenozon FINDpro” on all app-stores.


In our recent efforts to broaden the reach and accessibility of our technology, we introduced a free, basic version of FIND, named FIND+. FIND+ aligns with Cenozon’s mission to make vital asset data in the oil and gas industry accessible to a wider audience.

FIND+ Free Sign-up

With the introduction of FIND+, it became crucial to distinctly differentiate the comprehensive capabilities of our original offering, FIND, from its much more limited, free counterpart. This led to the decision to rebrand FIND as FINDpro.

As its name suggests, FINDpro is a professional-grade solution engineered for those who seek to leverage the best in technology to drive efficiency in the oil field. FINDpro enables professionals and organizations of all sizes to harness exceptional technology to streamline their field operations, all the while meeting their diverse needs.

What Current FIND Users Can Expect with FINDpro

Welcome to the FINDpro Community!

Exciting Developments:

Look forward to an array of new and improved functionalities, designed to further enhance your experience in the 1.9 release of FINDpro. Key features include:

  • Asset list view
    • Ability to toggle between the map view and a list view
    • Select the search distance (ex: 50m) and the list will update with assets in this proximity
    • Easily view assets in very congested areas
  • Commentary on attachments
    • Ability to add comments to a photo or other attachments
    • Highlight and better communicate specific exceptions/anomalies captured in photo

We are constantly integrating new features to meet your needs, ensuring you receive exceptional value and service.


Free Sneak Peek into FINDpro

For those who are new to our software or interested in experiencing FINDpro’s basic functionality without any initial commitment, FIND+ offers an accessible entry point. This free, basic version (available as a web app), is the perfect starting point, offering a taste of the core functionalities that make FINDpro the standard in the oil and gas industry.

Accessible anywhere and on any platform, FIND+ allows users to view an interactive GIS map with all pipelines and assets in the AER database. FIND+ also includes powerful filtering tools, so you can streamline your assets search, and even send and share the location so others can get step by step directions.

To learn more and sign up for free today, click the link below.

FIND+ Free Sign-up

FIND+ promotional image




Join us on this exciting journey with FINDpro, where the best just got better. Learn more here: