Risk Assesments

Cenozon's high contrast digital maps are software-generated and readily available company wide - providing you with a low-cost, real-time solution


Don’t ignore the risk.

Risk assessments are a valuable tool in any industry, particularly in the energy sector. The cost of a pipeline failing can be monumental. That’s why, at Cenozon, we have been generating custom risk assessments for decades. Now you can get the benefit of our software and experience, and ensure you understand the risk factors across your pipeline network.


Cenozon’s has been performing risk assessments for over 20 years

  • Industry-proven track record
  • Dedicated experts in risk assessment and interpretation
  • Easy to interpret reports, summaries, and diagrams
  • Customizable graphics to match your companies branding

Our risk experts are here to help. We can

  • Review your risk matrices and weighting according to your company policy
  • Help you interpret and act on risk assessment results
  • Summarize risk reports for communication at various levels of your organization
  • Prioritize your service and maintenance schedules according to assessment results
“We’re saving manpower and company resources in a few ways. We don’t have to spend time pulling inspection data from various sources when someone needs them.”


“Very impressed. It is capturing what was requested and meets expectations.”

-Current Cenozon Clients




Our partnership approach ensures outstanding service at every step. From change management and audit support to helping you get the most out of our oil and gas data management software, we help you extend control and cost savings across your operation.

The Flexibility You Need

Our software is designed with you in mind. Cenozon’s In-Line Inspections (ILI) module provides operators with the complete control over the inspection process. ILI is the central database for managing inspection schedules, data, and reporting.


Following initial setup and training for your measurement or pipeline integrity software, we bring you a host of support capabilities, including field reviews, audit support, change management and more.

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