May 9, 2024

Geohazard Management Mini-Series: WildFire

Geohazard Management Mini-Series: WildFire

As wildfires become more frequent and severe, protecting assets, teams, and communities requires innovative solutions. This is where Cenozon’s Wildfire Notification App steps in – designed to keep you ahead of the flames and ensure safety at every step. 


Harnessing Data for Proactive Protection 

Imagine having real-time access to critical wildfire status and location data from government sources, seamlessly integrated into your operations. With Cenozon’s WildFire Notification App, this has become a reality. We gather and process data daily, providing you with a comprehensive picture of wildfire events near your wells, buildings, drilling sites, and more. This information is actionable, reliable, and going to protect your assets. 


Stay Informed, Stay Safe 

The WildFire Notification App keeps you informed and ahead of potential dangers. Through automated notifications and web-based maps accessible from anywhere, you receive instant updates on developing wildfires. Whether in the field or at headquarters, you’re always connected to the latest information and images of specific assets at risk. Protects your assets, the safety of your team and the surrounding community. 


Key Features for Effective Risk Management 


The WildFire Notification App offers a range of features tailored to your needs: 

Daily Automated Notifications: Receive timely updates via email, keeping you informed of wildfire developments. 

Web-Based Maps: Visualize wildfires within a customized proximity of your assets, such as wells, facilities, pipelines, and drilling sites. This spatial understanding is crucial for proactive risk mitigation. 

Integration with PIRM: Seamlessly integrate wildfire data into Cenozon’s Pipeline Integrity Risk Management (PIRM) software, enhancing your overall risk management strategy. 


Don’t wait for emergencies to unfold; be proactive with Cenozon’s WildFire Notification App. Request a demo today to see how Wildfire can help you make informed decisions, mitigate risks, and prioritize safety in the face of wildfire threats. 


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Benefits at a Glance: 

  • Smart and efficient decision-making with instant wildfire information 
  • Proactive risk mitigation to protect assets, teams, and communities 
  • Seamless integration with existing risk management tools 

Stay ahead of wildfires. Stay safe. 

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