November 5, 2023

Breaking Down Data Barriers: FIND+

Breaking Down Data Barriers: FIND+

FIND+ by Cenozon is a game-changing webapp in the oil and gas industry, providing comprehensive FREE access to essential asset information.


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In the fast-paced oil and gas industry, access to critical asset data can make all the difference between success and stagnation. Efficiency, safety, and innovation hinge on the availability of accurate, up-to-date information. Traditionally, access to this valuable data has been costly. However, Cenozon’s web-app, FIND+, is breaking down the barriers to information. FIND+ is a powerful tool equipped with a GIS map, advanced searching and filtering capabilities, and an extensive database that hosts all AER-regulated assets to help you locate and visualize assets seamlessly.


Completely Free Access

Perhaps the most significant shift FIND+ brings to the industry is its commitment to free access. Data often comes at a high cost but FIND+ is making critical asset information readily available to all users, free of charge. This is also why we’ve designed the app with no restrictions on the number of assets a user is able to access at any given time. FIND+ allows a broader community to tap into the invaluable knowledge that drives oil and gas operations.


Comprehensive and Accessible Asset Information

FIND+ offers users extensive access to asset data that underpins the industry. Whether it’s information about pipelines, terminals, or critical infrastructure, FIND+ has you covered. Currently, the FIND+ database hosts all AER-regulated assets, but we’re constantly looking to expand the repository.  We strive to provide a level of detail and visualization in asset information that has been previously inaccessible to many.


Enhanced Functionality: More Than Just Data 

FIND+ goes beyond merely offering data. It incorporates advanced searching (by asset ID) and filtering capabilities, real-time updates, and an array of features designed to enhance user experience. Cenozon is committed to providing information in the most user-friendly and efficient way possible.


The Future of Oil & Gas: Where FIND+ Leads 

By providing comprehensive asset data, enhancing functionality, and removing financial barriers to access, FIND+ by Cenozon is redefining how information is accessed and shared.

FIND+ is the solution for those in the oil and gas industry seeking transparent and free access to critical data. FIND+ is available as a web-app across all devices and browsers, meaning there’s no download required to start! With instant responsiveness and excellent functionality, we’ve engineered it with your ease of use in mind.

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