June 22, 2023

PIRM 4.6 Release

PIRM 4.6 Release

PIRM 4.6 is here! As always, we have been working hard to improve our software. This month, we have made substantial improvements to the way we integrate, store and manage your facilities data. We have also redesigned the facilities page in PIRM.

We have also added the ability for users to specify the font color, size and style to the PIRM Schematics diagrams for company pipelines, 3rd party pipelines, on lease and to be constructed pipelines. In the PIRM Schematics application, navigate to the Tools menu / Options / Line Labels, to customize the labelling preferences.

Additionaly improvements include revisions to the chemical path table, in the mitigation section, which should improve user experience, performance, and overall data quality. We have also improved the schematics diagram PDF export and improved the graphical display of junctions in the PIRM schematics diagrams.

These improvements are just a small selection from our release notes. As always, our team is hard at work improveing our products, at no additional cost to our users. If you would like to learn more about our latest release, you can reach out to us at info@cenozon.com.