November 9, 2021

What Is a Cost Savings Pipeline Integrity Management System and How It Works?

Pipeline networks present you with a cost-effective and safe method to transport liquid and gaseous products over long distances. Companies use pipelines to transport natural gas, petroleum, and biofuels. Like any other asset, the pipeline needs to be inspected, monitored, and maintained.

Pipeline integrity refers to the degree to which the pipeline is free from defects. Contractors need to keep the pipelines safe throughout the cycle. The cost savings from pipeline integrity management software in the USA allows contractors to achieve better efficiency while maintaining high levels of pipeline integrity.


What Is Cost Savings Pipeline Integrity Management System?

The Cost Savings Pipeline Integrity Management System in the USA aims to ensure the integrity of pipelines and prevent problems that can affect them. For example, corrosion compromises the integrity of pipelines and reduces their lifespan, leading to high costs. The pipe integrity management software allows operators to assess areas of the pipeline that are more vulnerable to corrosion.

Here is some important information about the working of this software.


How Does the Software Work?


The cost savings from pipeline integrity management software in the USA enhance with assessment tools that can monitor corrosion profiles of pipelines. It can also monitor and inspect data in real-time.

The software can simulate failure conditions allowing contractors to extenuate additional risk. It connects to supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems to gather important information about pipeline operations.

The cost savings with pipeline integrity management system in the USA can be increased by relaying data to technicians and engineers if a problem occurs. The system is also connected to surveillance cameras and sensors, temperature sensors, and fiber optic cables positioned on or close to the oil and gas pipelines to detect leaks.


Pipeline Integrity Planning

The pipeline integrity planning software manages all activities that aimed at the repair and maintenance of pipelines. It streamlines activities like pipeline monitoring, inspections, corrosion prevention, and defining operations and procedures.

The software can identify high consequence areas that can cause significant loss to property and human lives if an explosion occurs. It also helps operators in performing operation risk analysis that helps identify potential hazards during normal operations.

The risk analysis helps operators understand the likelihood of an accident in a specific pipeline section/area. The software helps implement cost-saving strategies in pipeline integrity by drawing a proper maintenance plan for the pipelines.

It also helps operation managers to use advanced tools like intelligent pig inspection tools, electrical surveys, and cathodic protection systems to ensure the efficient operation of the pipeline network.

To sum up, pipeline integrity is a crucial factor in the maintenance of pipelines. The pipeline integrity planning software uses a combination of tools to ascertain the pipeline’s health and take preventive measures and repairs to avoid any untoward incident in the pipeline network.