November 9, 2021

Features You’ll Need in Your Pipeline Integrity Risk Management Software

Pipeline integrity is a crucial aspect of the petroleum manufacturing industry. The pipelines bring crude oil and natural gas from the ground resources and allow companies to manufacture petroleum products that have a global demand. If the pipeline integrity is not maintained, it could lead to accidents and environmental hazards like oil spills.

Luckily, pipeline integrity risk management software in the USA can help companies keep a check on pipeline integrity and foresee any haphazard event and take preventive steps to avoid.

There are several risk management solutions in the market, and you need to be careful while selecting one for your business. Here are features you will need in pipeline integrity risk management software.


Hydroflow Notification

Geohazards like river migration, soil erosion, landslides, and karst phenomena are a significant risk to oil and gas pipelines. The Hydroflow notification in pipeline integrity risk management software in the USA monitors and automatically alerts the operator of abnormal water flow events near the pipeline in real-time. It allows the operators to recognize and proactively manage hazards resulting from abnormal water flow conditions or river erosion.


Wildfire Notification

The wildfire notification app works similarly to the monitoring app. The pipeline risk management solutions in the USA offer an integrated web-based application that assists in monitoring wildfire events in British Columbia and Alberta.

The application collects daily wildfire status and location data from BC Wildfire Management Branch and Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development. The collected data is presented visually appealing and easy-to-use web application.


Field Maps

 Most employees carry mobile phones in their pockets. The pipeline risk management solutions in the USA should have every asset plotted on an intuitive mapping interface. This makes it easy for field technicians to reach their assets without any trouble. The operations teams can receive GPS directions to their assets during maintenance and operations.

The Field Map features eliminate the need to carry paper maps to locate the asset. The operation team needs to reach the location, and the Field Map will tell you how far they are from a particular asset. It saves lots of time and increases the work efficiency of the operations team.


Mobile Inspections/In-Line Inspection

 The in-line inspection feature provides significant value to inspection activities and helps in understanding pipeline integrity better. The feature can digitally capture and document in-line inspection summary data directly in the software.

With in-line inspections, you can access a visual map to track completed in-line inspections and generate a summary report. The report can be inspection specific, pipeline specific, and help in the multi-year comparison review.

To sum up, these are some essential features you need to look for in your pipeline integrity risk management software.