April 12, 2021

How Cenozon’s FIND App Is Changing The Way Oil And Gas Companies Operate

How Cenozon’s FIND App Is Changing The Way Oil And Gas Companies Operate

Out in the field, mobile devices, tablets, and laptops help oil and gas workers quickly and effectively communicate with supervisors and respond to potentially serious incidents. They also play a critical role in functions like location tracking, inspection, asset management, surveying, and environmental assessments.

With rapid advancements, new mobile technology  is helping the oil and gas industry to improve processes, enhance productivity, increase efficiency, and improve worker safety.

According to recent surveys, 57% of oil and gas companies are now making mobility a top priority.

FIND is an advanced mobile interface for managing operations. For field users, FIND provides an interactive GIS map of your entire operations. Workers have access to digital, integrated forms for completing specific workflows. Analysts can view the entire operational field, with a colour coded legend indicating maintenance and inspection activities and progress.


Cenozon’s mobile app FIND (Field Integration & Navigation Data) is already exceeding user’s expectations. By enhancing Data Collection, Visualization and Association (D.V.A), Cenozon is helping ensure oil and gas workers can be safer, more productive, more responsive, and more collaborative!

Ways we are doing this is:

  • Collaboration
    • Oil and gas companies are often vast and sprawling, with many different people working together — from out in the field, to the offices, to executives. Mobile apps and technology make collaboration easier and more effective.
  • Better Decision-Making
    • More Data + Timely Information + Better Collaboration = Better Decision Making.
    • Tasks are prioritized better, and informed choices are made about which wells to pursue.
  • Real-Time Field Data in the Cloud
    • Real-time information for the oil and gas industry is as good as gold. Mobile apps and solutions can gather vast amounts of it. That information can be used to make fast, informed decisions that make a difference.
  • Location
    • Smartphones and tablets can provide geolocation information for people and resources. That makes it easier to match available people to the work that needs to be done.
  • Minimize operational downtime.
    • Companies can better manage essential business communications
    • Monitor and maintain highly-complex operations.
    • Use dashboards to make continuous operational improvements.
  • Manage Field Data Capture and Validation
    • Like many other industries, oil and gas continues to grapple with paper-based, manual processesthat inhibit efficiency and hinder good collaboration across the enterprise. FIND allows you to save on processing paper documents, integrating information quicker and more efficiently.
  • Oversee Geographically-Dispersed Assets and Personnel
    • Connect the home office to the field in a two-way dialogue
    • Captured data is then uploaded instantly giving the entire organization unprecedented visibility of their operation.

To learn more about how FIND can improve your operations contact us here.