July 17, 2018

Cenozon Launches HydroFlow

Cenozon Launches HydroFlow

Cenozon Launches Industry-First HydroFlow App

Offers Pipeline Operators 6 Months Free Automatic Notification of Abnormal Water Flow Events

September 19, 2017 (Calgary, Alberta): Cenozon Inc., a leading end-to-end supplier of comprehensive oil and gas software solutions, today announced the release of its HydroFlow application. First of its kind in the industry, HydroFlow monitors and automatically notifies operators of abnormal water flow events occurring near their pipelines and facilities – all in real-time.

Developed as part of Cenozon’s existing Geo-Hazards Module within their Pipeline Integrity Risk Manager (PIRM) software, HydroFlow assists pipeline operators and integrity management teams to identify and proactively manage hazards resulting from river erosion and/or abnormal stream flow conditions.  As a standalone cloud-based app, HydroFlow’s API can integrate with third-party databases, which means pipeline operators who are not current Cenozon customers can deploy the app to supplement their existing pipeline integrity risk management programs.

HydroFlow users are able to define thresholds for tolerance of flow or tolerances for water level and velocity. When conditions have exceeded the specified acceptable range, users receive an automatic notification so they can quickly review historical trends and current conditions to assess if further action is required. HydroFlow also has an intuitive web mapping feature so users can enhance the data visualization of their pipeline water crossings and flow gauge assets in one place, which enables them to easily locate the affected area.

“This software is a game changer for the industry,” notes Mark Woynarowich, Integrity Specialist and Technical Services Manager. “We have recently witnessed some of the most extreme weather patterns – from extreme flooding in the US to wildfires close to home. Mother Nature is highly unpredictable, and we want to give operators the right tools to be proactive in mitigating pipeline risk.”

“We’re very excited to launch HydroFlow,” states Kirat Purohit, Product and GIS Manager. “We know that pipeline integrity is of the utmost importance – especially at water crossings. Exceeding our clients’ expectations is what fuels our team’s desire to develop innovative, industry-leading features and to make it easier for oil and gas operators to achieve optimal operational efficiency, safety and compliance.”

To celebrate the launch of HydroFlow, Cenozon is offering pipeline operators a complimentary 6-month trial subscription to their Geo-Hazards module, which also includes their Wildfire Notification app. (Set up and monitoring fees apply).

Click to download a HydroFlow product sheet PDF.

To register for free access to the cloud-based HydroFlow application, email Communications@Cenozon.com.


HydroFlow’s snapshot of Bow River water flows during Calgary’s 2013 Flood. (Click to enlarge).


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