June 27, 2018

Cenozon Offers Oil & Gas Operators Free Access to Wildfire Notification App

Cenozon Offers Oil & Gas Operators Free Access to Wildfire Notification App

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Local Software Company Offers Oil and Gas Operators Free Access to Wildfire Notification App

May 1, 2017 (Calgary, Alberta): Cenozon Inc., a leading end-to-end supplier of oil and gas software solutions, is pleased to announce it is providing oil and gas operators free access to access their web-based Wildfire Notification application, enabling them to take preventative measures when wildfires strike.

Part of their geo-hazard module within their Pipeline Integrity Risk Manager software, the Wildfire Notification app monitors nearby wildfires in Alberta and British Columbia, then automatically notifies users as fires move closer to work sites or pipelines. Operators can customize how frequently notifications are sent to their devices and specify the distance from their specified sites. The information is sent directly to safety personnel so that wildfire risk can be proactively mitigated and to ensure public and employee safety.

After last year’s Fort McMurray fire, Cenozon’s development team identified an opportunity to develop an app to provide up-to-date information to key stakeholders and safety personnel. With public and worksite safety as the main driver, the team recognized that this app could also enable operators to shut down pipelines before the environment and equipment are damaged. The team set to work on the wildfire mapping application, which launched late last summer.

Cenozon also witnessed the impact the Fort McMurray fire had Alberta’s energy industry – with production outputs reduced by approximately 14 million barrels; equating to over $450 million in lost production. This was the catalyst for offering free access to the Wildfire app.

“The one year anniversary of the Fort McMurray fire heralds the start of wildfire season in Alberta and British Columbia. Mother Nature is unpredictable, so we wanted to help operators be as proactive as possible,” states Rui Wang, President. “Calgary is an innovation hub, and we’re proud that our core values of innovation and customer service inspires our team to think outside the box to find creative solutions to industry challenges.”

For more information on the Wildfire Notification app, visit: https://www.cenozon.com/solutions/wildfire/ 

To register for free access to the web-based Wildfire application, click to contact us.


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