September 11, 2019

Cenozon’s Data Enhancement

Even in today’s world of machine learning and predicative analytics, your results are only as good as your data. Cenozon’s PIRM automatically pulls data from regulators databases and combines it with your own datasets to paint a detailed picture of your assets and operations – but even this data can have gaps.

No body knows your own systems like you do. That’s why Cenozon has created our Data Enhancement and Bulk Enhancement features. For example – if you look at a pipeline in PIRM and see that the coating information in missing, out of date, or incorrect, you can update this information with what you know to be correct.

Having the right information in PIRM allows for a more accurate risk score, and allows for you to make properly informed decisions. With our bulk enhancement feature, you can correct entire fields or sections at once.

Imagine you have a group of lines that have recently been re-coated. Your data sources will likely be out of date still, and your risk matrixes will reflect the un-coated analysis. However, you can simply select the lines that have been coated, update their coating information in the pipeline detail page, and your risk analysis will refresh to reflect the changes.  *** [Is there an indication that data has been changed?]***

This tool can even be used as a sandbox environment to pre-emptively analyze the impact of maintenance, such as coating, before completing any work. You can simply go through the same process, before any work has been done, and compare the risk analysis for different coatings to determine which is the right approach for your company.

Your data is the root of all your decisions, and Cenozon can help ensure your data is always up-to-date.

To learn more, you can watch our demo videos here:

Data Enhancement         Bulk Enhancement