November 13, 2018

FIND – The Ultimate Mobile Field Integration Tool

FIND – The Ultimate Mobile Field Integration Tool

It’s no secret that times have been tough for the oil and gas industry. Low oil and gas prices, limited pipeline capacity, and regulatory uncertainty have caused operators to reexamine their policies, practices, and technology in attempts to cut costs. Despite these challenges, it is getting more and more difficult to continue cutting costs. In order to stay profitable, many companies are turning to the possibility of leveraging new technologies to improve operational efficiency.

That’s why Cenozon is devoted to innovation and embracing new technologies as mobile computing. Everyone today carries a powerful computer in their pockets, and this immense potential mostly goes untapped.

The latest in Cenozon’s innovation ‘pipeline’ is FIND, short for Field Integration & Navigation Data. Most pipeline operators have thousands of assets requiring constant inspection, maintenance, and activity. From pigging to inline inspections, water crossing to signage – pipelines require continuous upkeep and are often scattered amongst the Canadian wilderness. Finding a location can be difficult enough, but logging activity in binders and faxing handwritten forms to offices creates an immense, expensive administrative strain.

FIND plots every asset on an intuitive mapping interface, allowing field workers to simply search for any asset, and receive the fastest directions to any location. Even Google Map can’t tell where your pig receiver is, never-mind how to get there.

FIND will even tell you how far you are standing from an asset. (Even in deep snow, you know your sign is two meters west). It is easier than ever to optimize your scheduling and complete inspections, maintenance, and operations quicker than ever before.

Once at a location there are no binders, reference materials, or out-of-ink pens. The same app contains customizable forms and workflows for each activity, with the ability to attach pictures and videos of the asset. Simply complete the digital form and it is submitted to a centralized, cloud-based system. If there isn’t cell service, the form is saved offline and can be submitted with a single push of a button when you reach civilization.

At the office, there is no more sorting and interpreting handwritten paper documents. Data is instantly accessible and can be organized by follow-up priority. With annual inspection requirements, it can be easy to fall behind and miss certain assets. Not with FIND. Embrace technology, optimize operations, and never miss another inspection again – or an opportunity to save time, save money, and meet compliance.

To learn more about Cenozon, visit or stop by our booth at NACE Calgary Facility Integrity Symposium on Nov. 16th at Calgary Petroleum Club.